The Room to Grow™ 4-in-1 Play Yard
is a soft, sturdy, clean, portable solution!

Empty Bathinet   The Room to Grow 4-in-1 Bathinet provides a comfortable solution for caregivers in providing four needs for baby at home or traveling. Resting, changing, feeding and bathing all in one handy shoulder bag with sheet, bath insert and pump included.

Feeding Area  

Feeding -
The easy-to-clean removable isert gives support for babies 0-5 months for upright stability.


Changing/Resting - Used with the fitted cover and mattress included, provides a convenient and well ventilated area for babies 0-5 months to rest or be changed. All surfaces wipe down with mild soap and water and the fitted cover is washble.

Changing and Resting area  

Bathing - Room to Grow makes bath time fun for babies and easy for caregivers. Added features are non-slip surfaces and durable material that hold bath water temerature. Thanks to the removable bath insert, the Room to Grow Bathinet can accomodate babies 0-5 months. With the insert removed it can be used for older babies.

Bathinet Specifications

ROOM TO GROW 4-in-1 Bathinet

Feeding area, bath tub, changing area and resting space in one product.


Indoor/outdoor use
No assembly required
Easy to clean
Large mesh windows for cross ventilation and viewing
No pieces or parts to lose
Compact and lightweight
Made of heavy gauge PVC with I-beam inner construction
One-way safety inflation valve


Room to Grow 4-in-1
Removable floor cushion
Bath insert
100% cotton fitted cushion cover
Shoulder bag
Foot pump


Made with durable, heavy gauge PVC
Double walls with inner I-beam construction allows for maximum upright strength with minimum inflation necessary
No assembly required-Room to Grow comes with its own foot pump, enabling the play yard to be inflated within 2-3 minutes. Includes one-way safety inflation valve.
Mesh windows for cross ventilation and easy viewing by baby and caregiver
Easy to clean


Dimensions: 32.7"D, 14"H
Weight: 4.9 kgs/11 lbs
Product Weight:4.1 kgs/9 lbs
Cushion Dimensions: 2" H, 24.4" D

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